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LibraryPress@UF publishes born-digital scholarship, journals and conference proceedings, works in special formats or limited editions (e.g. artists’ books), works that amplify the impact of the Libraries’ collections, and community—or partner—driven scholarship and public humanities outputs.

Those interested in publishing with LibraryPress@UF should complete the form below as comprehensively as possible; requests will be reviewed and granted based on the strength of the project plan, the project’s alignment with the Press’s mission, and current capacity.

Ways we can collaborate

  • Identification of best platforms/tools
  • Facilitation with technical experts
  • Copyright permission templates and clearance
  • Project management and editing
  • Accessibility review
  • Basic graphic design
  • Facilitation of peer review
  • Marketing and cataloguing
  • Reporting of usage metrics
  • Preservation planning and implementation

We will contact you within 2-4 weeks after receiving this form to provide feedback and/or to discuss your project in further detail.

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    Describe the project's intended audience

    Describe the project's contribution to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ)

    Describe if any aspects will need a content advisory or similar

    Which publication format(s) do you anticipate (select all that apply)?
    Dynamic or interactive website (platforms such as Omeka, WordPress, Scalar, PressBooks)Digital PDF (single or multiple static files published online)Print-on-demand (self-service printing generated from a PDF)Special print output (produced and distributed by project team or LP@UF)Other

    What expertise or services beyond the project team’s/author’s knowledge are necessary to the success of the project?

    Existing funding source(s) if applicable

    Additional funding need(s) if applicable

    How do you envision sustaining the project 5-10 years after the anticipated end date?
    This will be a static project that can be distributed and archived without future changes.This will be a static project, but we may wish to create a new edition in the future.This is a web-based project that will need routine updates and maintenance to remain in its current form.This is a web-based project that will continue to evolve with new components and content in future years.