LibraryPress@UF Team & Editorial Collective

Valrie Minson

Valrie Minson serves as Associate Dean of Academic Support Services and Chair of the Marston Science Library at the George A. Smathers Libraries. As Associate Dean she provides leadership for Assessment & User Experience, Student Success, and LibraryPress@UF. In her Chair role, she provides leadership for the only non-medical science library on campus, with more than 2 million visitors per year, supporting 42 departments across three colleges. Val loves to listen to music, play ultimate frisbee, and to ride her bicycle on the Hawthorne Trail.

Tracy E. MacKay-Ratliff

Tracy believes establishing a positive, compassionate partnership with an author or editor is key to a successful publication. Responsibilities include editorial management, facilitation of communications across the unit, journals program support, graphic design both internally and externally, balancing time commitments to projects of various scales and complexity, managing production workflows, executing promotional strategies for each publishing project, and advising on Libraries-wide strategies where relevant to publications. Tracy enjoys exploring her new hometown, St. Augustine, FL, including walking the historical downtown streets and relaxing on Crescent Beach with her family and puppies.

Katherine (Kat) Nguyen

Kat is interested in learning how to support and sustain community histories and memories through digitization and open collaboration. She provides support to more than 20 active journals and guides new journals through the publishing process, from initial consultation to full publication. In addition, she works closely with the Director of LP@UF to support other scholarly publications (including monographs, digital scholarship projects, and more) through editorial review, author relations, content creation, and other needs related to digital and print publications.

Ella Terran

Ella is a recent Graphic Design BFA graduate from the University of Florida with a passion for art direction, branding, and illustration. As the LP@UF Design & Publishing Intern, Ella assists in the creation, development, and execution of various LP@UF projects. She supports aspects of design and production tasks to develop products such as books, magazines, catalogs, brand boards, promotional design, and the overall visual aesthetic of our brand. Ella prepares images for publication, including formatting, citation, permissions, and accessibility-related information. She also provides keen editing skills for spelling, grammar, and design consistency. 

Original 2018 LP@UF Editorial Collective Charge: