Resources for Authors

Resources for Authors

The LibraryPress@UF follows the standards of the UF Press:

Please note that the LibraryPress@UF focuses on publications that align with our mission and processes. In general, we expect authors/editors to provide all copyediting and indexing. Most LibraryPress@UF publications are not peer-reviewed.

For digital publications, author/creators need to provide an outline of the structure, for use by the LibraryPress@UF team in supporting publication processes.

Name Changes

The LibraryPress@UF is committed to supporting requests for author name changes and/or pronoun changes, with as few barriers as possible. Name changes and/or pronoun changes are available to authors upon request, with no legal documentation required. Upon receiving a name change request, the LibraryPress@UF will update all metadata, published content, and associated records under our control to reflect the requested name change. The LibraryPress@UF will not issue a notice of correction for the name change or notify co-authors or editors. While the LibraryPress@UF cannot control the use or appearance of an author’s name for external systems and publications administered by other editorial boards, and changes made to prior publications may not propagate to downstream environments, the LibraryPress@UF is committed to collaborating with other groups to support systemic changes to ensure name changes are fully supported.

Authors who wish to update or change their name should contact Chelsea Johnston, Scholarly Publishing and Repository Librarian, at Requests will be treated with respect and confidentiality, and addressed as quickly as possible.