Practicing Kindness in Crisis

Practicing Kindness in Crisis (PKIC)

We Are Whole People

Perry Collins, Twanna Hodge, Chelsea Johnston, Tracy MacKay-Ratliff, & Laurie Taylor

For the past year, LP@UF has undertaken several projects–including a survey, a resource guide, and a dedicated graduate internship–focused on concrete ways to promote equity and justice in our work. With the pandemic and the move to remote work, the Digital Partnerships & Strategies Department, DEI Librarian, and LibraryPress@UF collaborated to create the “Practicing Kindness in Crisis” series which offers multiple ways for Smathers Libraries personnel to share what makes them a “whole person.” We’ll have more to share on this important series soon, with several presentations and publications in process.

This posting is after the first season of “Practicing Kindness in Crisis” completed. The season ran successfully and then closed, and now it has been taken up again by a new showrunner and with a new format. Below are notes from Perry Collins that she shared for the new showrunners for their work in planning the new season, which is currently underway; these are edited for the form of the blog post:

  • Collaborative sessions
    • Aside from presenter/sharers, we tried to have one person moderate (introduce, ask questions, etc.) and one person to monitor tech/chat (get online a little early, Zoom troubleshooting, reading questions from chat). 
    • Originally we planned on 3-4 presenters, but it turned out that 2 was plenty to allow time for chatting, questions, etc. Usually this filled the whole hour; if it only takes 45 min., that’s fine too.
    • We were really pleased by the number of staff who participated, so would encourage trying to include staff and not just faculty however possible.
    • A lot of our other infrastructure was really set up to solicit presenters, run the Zoom contest, etc. If you want to adapt any of that let me know, but otherwise I don’t think you’ll need it.
  • Graphics and Web Feature
    • Tracy’s terrific graphic is the image for this post, and shared in case useful to include in any emails or Outlook invites.
    • We also have the online web feature ( external people can see the about page but not individual contributions). I’m happy to add editors to that, or if there are any slides or resources that come out of these, someone can just email them to me and I can add them.

We look forward to sharing more soon about the first, second, and other seasons of Practicing Kindness!