Books Coming this Year!

Books Coming this Year!

The LibraryPress@UF has these books in process, and we look forward to announcing and promoting each before the end of 2021:

  1. Impact of Materials on Society (textbook, print-on-demand, POD, and digital)
  2. African American Studies: 50 Years at the University of Florida (edited collection, and course reader; POD and digital)
  3. Inspired by Cuba: Delivering Cuba Through the Mail, Cuba’s Presence in Non-Cuban Postage Stamps and Envelopes (print)
  4. B is for Baldwin, an edited collection about the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature (POD and digital)

In addition to these, we have many other confirmed and pending-confirmation publications and projects:

  1. SOURCE magazine, two issues (March and August 2021)
  2. Book of selected historical letters, from a collection in UF’s Special & Area Studies Collections (pending agreement and queuing)
  3. Conference Proceedings (pending agreement and queuing)
  4. Book related to an internship proposal (pending agreement and queuing
  5. Digital publications:
    1. dLOC as Data
    2. Migration, Mobility, Sustainability: Caribbean Studies and Digital Humanities (teaching resources)
    3. Caribbean Literary Heritage
    4. CAME site
    5. History Scalar Book
    6. Digital dissertation work (Omeka)
  6. Two IMLS proposals (due end of March 2021)
  7. ARL PD Bank, updating documentation and support site
  8. OER Faculty Learning Community
  9. Grant work:
    1. CDL
    2. Doris Duke
    3. Film on a Boat