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Promotion & Production


As a small press, the LibraryPress@UF seeks to celebrate and promote all of our publications, to the extent possible with limited resources by combining efforts with our core  collabroative partners in the Libraries for each publication.

Standard promotional elements and considerations include:

  • Ensuring metadata is in place, for findability/discoverability of publications (CIP, MARC, ONIX)
  • Ensuring publications are accessible and discoverable online and (as applicable) through the UF Press for print and print-on-demand
  • Digital postings (monitor slides)
  • Social media postings (in collaboration with the Social Media Manager)
  • Print materials (in collaboration with Communications and Facilities for printing  posters in the libraries, bookmarks, bookplates, calendars from the books)
  • In collaboration with the core collaborator(s) in the Libraries:
    • Other activities, like textual or video Q&A with the author or creator/s (on the LibraryPress@UF site, and other venues as applicable)
    • Targeted outreach to groups identified by working with the library liaison for the publication and Communications
    • Activating the LibraryPress@UF community networks for targeted outreach to known groups
    • Events

Book/Publication Launch Events

With books building from or building library collections, book launch events (held in-person in the Libraries and/or virtually) are ideal for celebrating new publications. We rely on our partners and collaborators within the Libraries to realize these events. For events held in the Libraries in-person, working with our core collaborators in the Libraries, we follow standard practices for identifying the optimal location and schedule.  Virtual or in-person book launch events are often scheduled for 1 hour and may include introductions by the Dean of Libraries (as the Director of the LibraryPress@UF), library collaborators on the publication (and/or other UF collaborators), and then the author/creator. The remarks by the author/creator sometimes include a reading or presentation from the book, and often tell the story of how the book came to be. If the book is available in print/print-on-demand, the event normally includes the opportunity to buy a copy of the book and to have the author sign. Some books may be part of other programming (e.g., an exhibit) and so complementary or integrated promotion and events may be planned.

Selected examples from prior events:

For related supports, see the Library Event and Conference Planning guide.